Fire Door Hardware

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SPL stocks a large selection of products ready for next day delivery. Our range includes hinges, seals, door closers, handle sets, locksets and much more from top brands such as Lockwood, Dorma and Ingersoll Rand.

Fire Door Hardware Gold Coast

At SPL our fire seals and fire door hardware are a vital part of a fire door assembly, helping to defend buildings against the spread of fire. Our smoke seals restrict smoke movement around a building, giving people time to escape, and reducing property damage and our door closers, handles and locksets ensure people can exit safely.

Integrated Fire Door Hardware Systems

Ensuring a fire door provides complete protection involves more than door seals alone. That’s why we offer a range of fire exit hardware for public and non-public areas depending on the amount of people occupying that environment. For public areas where minimum effort is required and no prior knowledge on how to use the fire exit is needed, we have; single or double door sets, door sets for rebated doors and latch bars from popular brands such as Lockwood, Dorma and Ingersoll Rand. For non-public areas such as low occupancy work environments, we offer door push pads and bars where the exit is only used by trained personnel.

Click below to view our product range or come and visit our showroom. Here you will also see top brands Like Lockwood, Pittella, Parisi and many others to provide all the inspiration you need to suit your style of home.

Our levers and pull handles also come in a selection of aluminium, brass or stainless steel and are available with thumb turns for use on bathroom doors.

Aluminium Levers and Handles

SPL aluminium levers and pull handles are produced using high quality, corrosion resistant alloys. The surface finish of our aluminium products is achieved using an anodizing process, which gives certain protection against atmospheric corrosion, perspiration from hands, and light scratching.

Brass Levers and Handles

SPL brass levers and pull handles are manufactured with high quality brass, which is lacquered using an electrophoretic process providing an excellent resistance to solvents and chemicals. Brass levers and pull handles are designed to provide the highest quality at an attractive price-performance ratio.

Stainless Steel Levers and Handles

SPL stainless steel levers and pull handles are manufactured from high quality stainless steel. Characteristics such as longevity and corrosion resistance have established stainless steel as a popular material in the manufacture of architectural hardware. Using the latest engineering technology and computer aided designs our stainless steel range of levers, pull handles and accessories are available in both satin and polished finishes

Click below to view our product range or come and visit our showroom

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