Door Seals

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At SPL our seals work hard every day to enhance a building’s performance. We only sell market-leading, high-performance door sealing systems, including environment seals, acoustic seals and fire and smoke seals.

Door Seals Gold Coast

SPL offers a fine selection of drop seals, perimeter seals, door bottom seals, threshold plates and ramps. Every detail of SPL’s range is chosen to integrate successfully into beautifully designed door sets and floors.

Our choice of threshold plates and ramps incorporate hard wearing tread strips which deliver greater grip under foot. Wherever possible, the fixings are completely concealed, enhancing the overall finish, preserving clean lines and curves, while also improving security and safety.

Environmental seals, acoustic door seals, smoke seals & fire door seals

Our acoustic door seals help to contain sound within a room, or prevent it entering. Many of our door seals also improve the building’s energy efficiency by keeping in heat.

SPL’s choice of door seals also protect the gaps around the four sides of a fire door, the gaps are there so the door can open and close. But these gaps create a point of weakness, where fire can take hold and destroy the door, and lethal smoke can pass through. In everyday use, sound can also pass through unprotected gaps and the building’s heat can be lost, wasting energy.

Most of the door seals shown below are multi-functional, which means just one product offers efficient, cost-effective protection against fire, smoke, sound leakage and heat loss.

Fire seals and smoke seals can be fitted separately if preferred. A smoke, acoustic and thermal seal can be added to upgrade a fire door, or protect a non-fire rated door.

Door seal strip colours & finishes

We have a comprehensive range of finishes to complement any project, whether it’s a contrasting colour or a beautiful authentic wood grain finish for your heritage project. Please visit our extensive showroom to see our available range of colours and styles.

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