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Providing smooth and efficient door closing, and door control. SPL’s overhead door closers, floor springs, concealed door closers and mechanical and electro-mechanical door closer-hold open devices and controls offer you a wealth of choice.

Door Closers Gold Coast

SPL stocks overhead door closers for different volumes of public use environments. We stock overhead door closers which can be push or pull side mounted and are suitable for living accommodations and office corridors. We also have closers which are ideal for high traffic doors such as department stores, hospitals and schools, as they offer resistance when a door is opened with excessive force, preventing damage.

For areas where there is little incentive of care where the arm of the closer may get damaged, we have a track arm closer. Likewise we stock a cam action closer, for places where a lower force is required to open the door making them an ideal choice for public buildings.

SPL’s door closers also come in a variety of finishes to suit most interior and exterior designs. Come and have a look in our showroom today or call for expert advice.

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