Why Replace Your Door Seals?

Understanding The Importance Of Door Seals

How To Identify A Worn-Out Door Seal

Comparing Old And New Door Seals

The difference between an old, worn-out door seal and a new, efficient one can be striking. An aged door seal can lead to a variety of issues. It might cause your home to become uncomfortably cold in winter or overly hot in summer. An inefficient seal could also become an entry point for pests. Additionally, a deteriorated door seal could lead you to spend extra on energy bills, owing to your HVAC system working overtime to compensate for the fluctuating indoor temperature.

In contrast, a new door seal keeps your home at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. It also ensures minimal noise intrusion and keeps pests at bay. Material advancements mean newer seals are more durable and provide improved thermal insulation. A new seal might seem like a minor upgrade, but it can significantly enhance your home’s comfort, boost energy efficiency and strengthen your home’s security.

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