How Technology Is Changing for Locksmith’s

Being a locksmith is traditionally one of the oldest professions in not just Australia but also the world.

Although locksmithing may be traditional, the fast growing technological world has not passed us by. It is only enabling us to adapt, grow and be sculpted by technology.

Along with all the other businesses that surround us, if you refuse to surrender to the pull of technology then you will fade away and be far behind as a business.

Being a locksmith now is all about new electronic security and high tech security systems as well as the old fashioned world of keys and locks.

Because of these new technological advances, we have seen many locksmiths on the Gold Coast disappear as they could not cope with the changing industry.

At SPL Security Solutions we have grasped the opportunities technology provides and we’ve adapted with the everchanging landscape.

Leaving us as a trusted and reliable locksmith for all our valued customers on the Gold Coast.

Futuristic Locks

Digital Lock Systems

They may seem like locks of tomorrow; the only difference is we use them now on a daily basis all over the world. Like ourselves every locksmith on the Gold Coast is having to deal with installations and replacements concerning digital door locks.

Many companies and individuals are seeing these locks and investing in their usage for businesses and even in homes and they are right to do so with the vast technological security that it can bring them.

This type of lock is now used more and more with a code used to enter and can be given out to anyone that needs to access the building.

Even in the holiday rental and hotel market they are becoming more and more common as they are quicker and safer that using standard keys and the codes can be changed at will after each guest has checked out.

Fingerprint Sensors

These options offer huge security wherever they are used. Once you have pre-set your fingerprint, or any others you wish to, into the system then that is the way to enter.

Pressing your finger or thumb on the sensor will notify the system and the door will then unlock immediately.

After Hours and Emergency Locksmiths

Before the accessibility of smartphones and the internet, locksmiths could be hard to find after 5 or 6pm had passed. You would be stuck overnight.

Now with the new technology you can find a 24 hour locksmith instantly and be in your property in no time at all.

Other Technology Led Locks

Electromagnetic Locks

Often found in hospitals, offices and medical labs, this lock will only release the door when you press the release button on the wall giving security to those inside.


This new design can open the door with your own smartphone. Working through Bluetooth technology when you are close enough to your lock it will automatically open for you. Locking when you get the relevant distance away.

Our Role as A Locksmith in Technology

People can sometimes underestimate a locksmith on the Gold Coast thinking that our jobs are easy.

It is anything but as we learn the precise skills involved in older locks and are constantly learning the new skills and methods due to the equipment that is being released.

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