5 Questions to Consider When Buying a Gun Safe

5 Questions to Consider When Buying a Gun Safe

A gun safe (also known as a weapon safe) is a freestanding or anchored fire and/or burglary safe, configured specifically to house weapons.

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1. What weapons are you going to store in the safe?

Handguns have a different requirement of space then rifles. It is a requirement of your weapons licence that all firearms must be stored in a safe, therefore, it is your legal requirement to make sure this is done.

2. How many weapons will you be storing?​

Secure storage requirements vary depending on the number, types and categories of firearms being stored. There are different regulations between storage of up to 30 guns and over 30 in Queensland. Weapons must always be stored unloaded, with the bolt action removed or broken and the ammunition in a different safe location. When deciding on the size and style of the safe these points have to be taken into consideration.

3. How often do you require access to the safe?

If you are regularly shooting in competitions or out hunting, the ease and availability of your firearms will be important to you. Think about the potential disturbance to your family or workmates if the location of your safe is in a thoroughfare or main room.

4. Where is the safe going to be located in your home or business?

The location will be based on a number of considerations in relation to size, weight, does it need to be anchored or is it free standing. The ability to move the safe (freestanding safes have a minimum weight of 150kg in Queensland and are limited to which weapons can be stored in them), door opening space and access space for safe installation. It can be very difficult to move a gun safe once it has been properly installed.

5. Last but most definitely not least, do you know the weapons safe regulations in your state?

On the Gold Coast, you can contact the Qld Police or ask your gun club for details of safe rules and regulations. These differ from state to state and overseas. The police department are authorised to perform random weapons checks on any gun owner in Australia. Make sure if they visit you, your guns are stored safely and correctly.

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