When You’ve Lost Your Keys – Who Do You Call?

We’ve all done it. Probably the blokes at the Tower of London have lost their keys at some point.

A lot of the time it’s when you’ve put them somewhere “safe” that you can’t find them.

Just to prove exactly how important their keys are to their everyday lives, people lose them every now and then.

Thing is, so much of modern domestic and business life involves locks and keys, this can be a real crisis.

As trusted Gold Coast locksmiths, we know how important it is to access your locks whatever the time or situation.

Urgent Problem

Missing a key can present a problem when you least expect it.

Most people remember that they’ll need their keys to access their home or business.

What surprises people is when they suddenly can’t do something they usually take for granted.

This can mean not being able to close something rather than open it. If you have vital equipment you need to lock up for the night and can’t, this is bad news.

Of course, this can happen in many situations, at home, on holiday or on business. Consequently, a locksmith needs to be on call 24 hours a day, every day.

Emergency services call on locksmiths regularly, to gain access to all sorts of property. This doesn’t just mean premises, but anything which holds essential items.

Perhaps in the past, drilling locks or kicking in doors might have been an option.

With modern systems, this can do a lot of harm. Fail safe mechanisms, alarms and dyes mean that any attempt to bypass locks is doomed to failure.

The aftermath of trying anything like this can be very costly, in terms of time, stress and money.

The Right Solution

As Gold Coast locksmiths of many years’ experience, we come prepared for anything.

A modern locksmith will have equipment and expertise to get you out of almost any situation.

Probably the most common is a lock-out, where for some reason people can’t get into a building or vehicle.

This can be the result of something as easy as leaving your keys inside and slamming the door. Rather than feeling embarrassed, you need to do something about it.

A good emergency locksmith should have a maximum response time of one hour. Obviously, this will depend on them being in your locality.

As well as this, however, they will need the right equipment and facilities.

Modern locksmiths’ vans are extremely valuable themselves, being crammed with expensive equipment.

Your locksmith should be able to cut any type of key, drill out barrels or open any lock. Even if you’ve lost the key to your safe, this shouldn’t be a problem.

With a quality locksmith near you, your crisis will be a temporary one.

More Information

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