Today’s Smart Home Security Systems: Which Is Best for you?

Over the years there has been greater interest in home security. The reasons for this are rising crime rates and people’s willingness to take steps to protect themselves and their loved ones, not to mention their property and goods. This has gone hand in hand with technological breakthroughs too. Nowadays it is possible to monitor would-be problem areas electronically and even remotely. More and more people are turning to electronic surveillance. Gone are the days when you had to rely on human protection, which only the rich could afford. With today’s technology, home security systems are affordable by all. SPL Security Solutions would like to tell you about today’s smart home security systems so you can decide which one is best for you.

Home Security

Home security systems cover a wide range of options. Some are simple and standalone; others are fully integrated networks. The days of the retired copper with a truncheon standing outside your door is gone. High-tech has made security very versatile. Not everyone wants or needs the fully integrated systems, so security has become a bit like pick and mix. You only have to take what suits your purpose.

Door Access

Control who can enter your domain with electronically controlled door opening and closing devices. There are various kinds available. There is the choice of traditional key type, digital keypads that are accessed by codes, fingerprint, and smart or swipe cards. At the other end of the scale there are full face recognition or bio-metric systems. It’s great security for outside doors, but these have many other applications too. 


Another way of ensuring control of entrance and exit is to use intercoms. These allow you access who you will open the door to. Coupled with a security camera, these are very effective home security devices. This way there isn’t any need to share access codes. Intercoms can be mounted at the edge of your property or at your door.


Closed circuit surveillance cameras are probably the best all round home security systems that we can install. They are made tough for proof against vandalism and are very versatile. CCTV cameras can pan an area, tilt to get a view from different angles, and zoom in and out for focus. Fitted with motion sensors, these are ideal. Linked to monitors you can see what is happening and even control them remotely. Connected to alarms, they are the perfect system.

Affordable Security

As you can see, affordable home security systems are within your grasp. Here at SPL Security Solutions we will help you pick what is best for you. Don’t delay, message us through our contact page with your queries and we will offer you advice and more information. Or, give us a call. 

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