Security Cameras Do More Than Security

When you know you will be leaving your home or business, whether it is at the end of the working day, to go to work or to go away on holiday you want to be sure that your premises will be secure and safe.

The same actually applies when you are at home or work. Having an added layer of security makes you feel much better.

That is where CCTV and security cameras come in and at SPL Security Systems, we have the very best the market has to offer to give you peace of mind.

What is CCTV?

CCTV is short for closed circuit television and it protects you with a level of security and precision that is unsurpassed. It is a lot more than just security though and we will take a look at what else having security cameras installed can do for you.


Losing your personal belongs or products from your business due to theft or a break in is heart breaking. It can occur when you are at home or open for business or when the premises are empty. So, if a theft does occur, even if you don’t notice at the time you will have caught it all on camera with the thieves a lot of the time not bothering to cover their faces.

This information can then be passed on to the police for them to follow up on the perpetrator.


Having CCTV fitted to your premises works whether they are turned on or not.

If a thief is thinking about breaking into your property and sees cameras around the building, then there is a very high chance that they will move on and find somewhere less secure. It might not just be a burglar.

You may have visitors to your home or staff that are less then sincere and seeing cameras will make them think twice about removing any of your goods.

Used As Evidence

As we said earlier if a crime is committed on or near your premises all the evidence will be caught in crystal clear imagery on your CCTV. It is now very common for the footage to be used in a court of law to secure a conviction, so your cameras could be very important indeed.

Your footage can also be used by authorities who want help solving crimes or highlighting a crime that has occurred and can be used in an appeal to catch the culprits.


Don’t just think about your possessions or a building, you can keep people safe at the same time. New technology means that you can remotely access your cameras on a laptop or smartphone when you are not there.

This means you can keep check on your pets and family, your employees and high risk areas in your business,


Sometimes customers are not the most honest of people and may accuse one of your staff of giving them too little change or even causing them physical harm. Security cameras will protect them against these possibly false claims.

It’s Professional

Alongside all the other points we have made, having security cameras installed also looks professional for potential customers and clients and will raise the profile of your business.

To get an amazing CCTV system you need to speak to our experts here at SPL Security Systems, they’ll show you the best systems to look after the things you care about.

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