Reasons Your Car Key Isn’t Working

Sometimes it isn’t your day, and everything seems to go wrong. Then, just as you are about to leave the house and go to work or go to the shops, you suddenly discover that your car key isn’t working.

A dozen things might flash through your mind, before you finally decide to get in contact with an emergency locksmith, and ask SPL Security what has gone wrong with your car.

Finding the right car key

Before we can help you to get out of your locked car key situation, we need to have some more information about what type of key you own.

Is it a traditional key that pushes into the lock, or is it a remote control key? Knowing this will allow us to work towards a solution. 

Problems with the lock

One of the primary reasons for having a problem with your car key is the lock itself. If this is damaged, then you could risk making the problem worse by continually trying to open the door. 

Remote lock problems

With remote control locks, it may be something simple, like the sensor falling off of the car, or the electronics failing. 

Mechanical lock failings

With older locks, it could be more difficult, as the mechanism may have jammed, the lock may have frozen in icy conditions, or there may be another complicating factor which has caused the key to fail.

You need SPL Security to help you open the door in any of these cases. 

Damaged keys

The other option will relate to whether the key in your hand is damaged. 

Damaged remotes

Dropping or stepping on the remote control key can cause it to fail, so if this is the problem then you need to contact SPL Security to assist you with finding a replacement quickly. 

Damaged keys

A metal key doesn’t have to be broken to fail in opening the lock. It could simply be bent out of shape, so that the grooves on the key don’t match those on the lock.

It could be cracked, meaning that every turn of the lock is likely to lead to a broken key stuck in the keyhole. 

Finding a solution

If you really need to get in to your car quickly, then you need to call SPL Security. We can provide you with an emergency locksmith to open doors and replace your keys. To contact us quickly, you can send an online message, or call 07-5588-8111 now. 

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