Inside the mind of a burglar

Is your home secure enough this Christmas?

In Australia, there is one burglary every 3 minutes! Startling statistics, and yet during the holiday season, these numbers seem to skyrocket.

What do burglars look for when casing your home?

A survey undertaken by apprehended burglars were asked what the main factors they took under consideration before breaking and entering. The first thing they checked for was security measures (or lack thereof).

From a burglar’s perspective, in conjunction with a barking dog, the most likely factors to deter unlawful entry are:

An alarm system that’s in working order and switched on

  • Sensor lights
  • Lights on inside the house
  • Windows and doors with grilles
  • Easily visibility of the property from the road.
  • Gates

Offenders also revealed the most common way to gain entry to properties were via unlocked doors, breaking a door or window or picking locks.

55% of homeowners who were robbed did not have security systems. The best way to avoid unwanted intruders to ensure your Gold Coast and Tweed Coast homes and offices are secured like Fort Knox.

How can I stop my home or business being robbed?

At SPL Security Solutions, our range of alarms, state-of-the-art smart technology, safes and door hardware are an excellent way to help protect your property, belongings and most importantly your family and staff.

The future of your security is only a phone call away.

We can customise simple alarm set ups through to access control with facial recognition.

Talk to our friendly team of technicians today.

We are able to conduct free on-site inspections through the Gold Coast, Tweed Heads, Brisbane and Ballina and there’s absolutely no obligation to buy.

If you’ve been a victim of a break-in, we also provide a full locksmith service with new door hardware, locks and levers.

And best of all, in an emergency, our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Don’t leave your home or business vulnerable to a break-in enter.

Gift yourself the peace of mind this Christmas and invest in your security.

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